Before the lockdown...

• Shot the guest-starring role of ‘Alejandro Gomez’ in the CBS TV series TOMMY, starring Edie Falco and directed by Adam Arkin.

• My time in "the neighborhood" was featured on Tim Lybarger's MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD: A VISUAL HISTORY.

During the lockdown...

• Took my home recording studio to the next level with Source Connect Standard.

• Recorded an internet spot for Zyrtec 'en español'.

• Participated in Geva Theatre Center's Variety Show HAPPINESS HOUR, hosted by Artistic Director Mark Cuddy on Facebook.

Later this year...

• I’ll be returning to the stage in my native Puerto Rico to play ‘Kevin Rosario’ in IN THE HEIGHTS; directed by fellow original Broadway cast member, Marcos Santana.

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